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The 3:6:9 Challenge Details

The 3:6:9 Challenge includes a 9-day meal plan focusing on clean, plant-based whole food - designed to work with your body's innate intelligence by cleansing the liver whilst protecting the adrenals assisting them to reset and bring healing to the body as a whole! During the 9 days, you will be encouraged to incorporate mindfulness techniques such as meditation and segmentation to aid in regulating your stress.

During this cleanse you will experience a balancing of mind, body, and soul allowing the healing process to penetrate through years of unhealthy lifestyle choices -

The 3:6:9 Challenge begins with a 3-day preparation phase called "The 3"

- This phase prepares your liver and your body for what is to follow.

You will then be guided to move onto the next 3-day phase called "The 6"

- This is when the internal cleansing begins and you start to unpack old toxins and waste that it has been holding onto for years.

In the final 3 day phase called "The 9"

- Your liver will be encouraged to discard the toxic residue thereby allowing your body to step into the next phase of healing.

This challenge is unique in its healing and many have experienced great benefits which include improving blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, diminishing brain fog, relieving sinus congestion, kickstarting metabolism, increasing energy levels, reducing indigestion and bloating +++

You will not be required to limit yourself to set portion sizes and you will be encouraged to incorporate snacking which will ensure that you are not going to experience any starvation even though this challenge will reduce your dietary fats significantly.

Cleanse - Reset - Heal: What to expect?

You have heard of spring cleaning your home - well now it's time to spring clean your body!

The 3:6:9 Challenge consists of a 9-day meal plan designed to cleanse your liver, reset your adrenals, and heal your life!

R369.00 will secure you a spot in this challenge whereupon you will be added to a WhatsApp group from where all important information about the challenge will be posted - you will receive a comprehensive shopping list as well as a 9-day meal plan devised to cleanse, reset and heal your body system like never before!

Participants of this challenge will also stand in line to win a one-on-one session valued at R660 with Leanne to get a full assessment of your health and emotional needs

The Challenge follows the below schedule:

Preparation Phase:

23rd February - 1st March 2024

During this phase of the challenge or cleanse, you will be provided with all the necessary information to get started. This typically includes:

  1. Layout of Recipes: You will receive a set of recipes that you will be following during the challenge. These recipes are designed to align with the dietary guidelines or restrictions of the cleanse.

  2. Shopping List: A detailed shopping list will be provided to help you gather all the necessary ingredients for the upcoming week or phase of the challenge. This ensures that you have everything you need to stick to the prescribed diet.

  3. Familiarization: The information provided for you is meant to help you become familiar with the challenge. This will include explaining the goals of the cleanse, the expected benefits, and any rules or guidelines you need to follow.

  4. Mental Preparation: The information will also include guidance on mental preparation as well as information about any potential problems you might face as well as providing tips or strategies for staying committed to the cleanse.

The purpose of this phase is to empower you with the knowledge and resources you will need to start the challenge successfully. It allows you to plan and prepare, both in terms of obtaining the necessary ingredients and mentally gearing up for the journey ahead. This proactive approach can increase the chances of you completing the challenge and achieving your desired results.

The Challenge Begins:

2nd - 10th March 2024

This is when the challenge begins in earnest.

Starting the challenge on a Saturday is a strategic choice to align the most difficult days with the following weekend, as this is often when people have more free time and can better manage any challenges or detox symptoms that may arise.

The idea behind this approach is to gradually adjust to the dietary changes and allow you to gather the necessary ingredients and prepare for the cleanse during the initial weekend. This could involve shopping for specific foods as laid out in the meal plans, or mentally preparing for the upcoming challenge. The subsequent weekend is when the cleanse becomes more challenging and potent, which might involve stricter dietary restrictions or more intensive detoxification practices.

Overall, the goal of such a structured approach is to maximize the chances of success for you and make the process more manageable by strategically timing the most difficult days when people typically have more time and support available.