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Our Story

The story begins in September 2017 when I had just left the corporate world to start up my counselling and Reiki practice. At a time when I was supposed to be developing deeper healer skills, I suddenly was the one in much need of healing. Due to years of unaddressed stress and an unhealthy lifestyle, which had pushed my weight to 92kgs, I found myself in a highly inflamed condition, battling chronic fatigue and severe eczema. I was determined to find a holistic solution, that is when I came across the Bio-Resonance scanning technology. I was absolutely blown away by the accuracy of the reading and I knew then and there that it was a tool I wanted to bring into my practice to further enhance my clients healing.

 My own healing journey was derailed when I contracted Salmonella in November 2018, which then sparked off an internal Staph infection by March 2019. Over the next 18 months I fought a battle of chronic illness which pushed my body to the edge.

 In August 2020 I discovered the works of Dr Joe Dispenza (a neuroscientist) and became fascinated with Quantum Physics and the study of meditation and the effects on the brain. I began to practice meditation in earnest and was in awe with the physical changes that began to occur - during this time I was divinely guided to the teachings of Anthony Williams, and in turn managed to devise a phenomenal nutritional plan which further increased my internal healing, and is one I use with my own clients with incredible success. My staph bacterial count had reduced remarkably, my liver function had improved tremendously and my nervous system began to balance. I was still battling with occasional eczema flares which I managed to get a tiny bit of further relief once seeing a remarkable homeopath.

 At the beginning of 2021 my meditation practice had increased and my empathic skills deepened - it was during a trip to Clarens in June 2021 where I had a spiritual encounter that changed everything, leaving me with greater intuitive abilities. Today I have far greater knowledge about the energies at play in this world and I know that to truly enhance every aspect of your life these energies need to be in complete balance!