My Healing Journey

My Healing Journey

My healing journey began in September 2017 -

I had just left a very stressful corporate job to begin my practice dedicated to counselling and Reiki - I had said goodbye to a very stressful and emotional period in my life which had consisted of my obtaining my psychology degree whilst working full time, my eldest daughter getting married and moving overseas, my youngest daughter completing Matric, plus buying our beautiful home… Although exhausted I felt excited to begin this new chapter of my life!
Gala Dinner (2015)

My health at that point wasn’t great. I was using medication to cope with my terrible anxiety and depression. My blood pressure was starting to show signs of being unstable, and my sugars were way out of balance - and symptoms of pre-diabetes were starting to make themselves known. My weight was at 92kgs and welts had started to appear on my skin. I was tired of being tired, especially at what should be a very exciting point in my life! Along with all of the above I had a nagging toenail infection that wasn’t going no matter what I had tried and funnily enough it was due to this left big toe that everything changed :)

Daughter's Matric Dance (2017)

I was standing at the pharmacist - collecting my 500th script to treat my toenail and I remember being at the counter and so exasperated. The caring pharmacist took one look at me and could see I was distressed. When I explained to her my exasperation that these topical drops weren’t helping in the slightest she encouraged me to contact a podiatrist in Berea.

As I stepped outside I dialed the number. The receptionist informed me that they only had one appointment available for the following day, otherwise she was booked into the new year! I took it - On the day of the appointment she examined my toe and advised me that this was not an infection - this was eczema under the toenail. When I stated that I wasn’t to keen to get onto more medication she recommended I make an appointment with a Holistic specialist to determine what was actually going on.
This is when I was first introduced to the Bio-Resonance system - the one I currently work with in my practice. So for those of you that don’t know what Bio-resonance does, it scans the entire body reading the frequencies to determine where imbalances are occurring. At this session I was advised that my digestive system and liver were under immense pressure - mainly due to Adrenal Fatigue and diet (yes at that point in my life diet was a thing I did, not something I maintained. I drank socially - and sometimes not socially, and I indulged in many, many fast food options and sugary snacks) At this session I was introduced to the Blood Type Diet, as well as relevant herbs to assist my body move out of a crises state. I embraced this change in eating with gusto - I wanted to feel better for this new chapter that was awaiting me!
May 2018
Within the first 6 months I had lost 25kgs, my anxiety had reduced significantly, blood pressure had stabilized, I was able to get off my meds and my skin had calmed down a little bit. I was so excited at the changes I was starting to see and feel!

Then my own healing journey was derailed when I contracted Salmonella in November 2018, which then sparked off a staph infection. I felt I had gone 500 steps back… Over the next 18 months I fought a terrible battle with chronic illness.

August 2019

Through the salmonella and staph infection I had developed severe colitis, developed fibroids, become anaemic, experienced recurring UTI's and my eczema had spread over my arms, legs, chest and back. My skin itched and burned. My food allergies went through the roof, and everything I ate seemed to spark off a reaction. I lost a further 9kgs as my diet was reduced to eating very minimal foods and my absorption was very low. I could only manage my skin flares with the help of cortisone and I was at the lowest of lows.

April 2020
April 2020
In August 2020 I discovered the works of Dr Joe Dispenza who was had done studies on meditation and healing. I began to practice meditation in earnest and became excited again as my depression lifted and my skin showed signs of calming. During this time, I experienced an awakening and in this was divinely guided to the teachings of Anthony William and in turn managed to devise a very specific nutritional plan - This nutritional plan has helped improve my liver function tremendously, balanced my adrenals, reduced the fibroid growth, improved my anaemia, has healed my skin (internally and externally), reduced my flares significantly, balanced my blood sugars, has ensured great weight regulation and given me the ability to once again eat and enjoy good, clean food!

Whatever your story is, whatever it is that has brought you here today, know this - great health and healing is completely within your reach!

December 2021
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