The truth about sugar

The truth about sugar

The Truth About - Sugar 


 I cannot make this clear enough! This is the top most toxic thing you can put in your body 

Sugar disrupts your hormones, your ability to digest protein and fat, it leads to numerous diseases from arteriosclerosis to diabetes, and generously packs on the pounds.  

 If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid irregularities - CUT OUT THE SUGAR! 

 And I don't just mean the sugar you put in your tea or coffee... It's the sugar in every bit of processed food you eat. The ready made sauces, tinned food, wheat products, muesli and other cereals, take-aways, sweets, biscuits, chips, yoghurt, soups, beer, Jams, spreads, soft drinks, cakes and, and, and...  

Start reading labels and start taking ownership and identifying where these sugars are coming into your life. 

Once you've identified these pop me a message of where you need to make the most changes and I'll pop alternatives onto the group - there are so many alternatives: 

 * make your own sauces and food from scratch 

* choose dark chocolate with honey 

* make fruit salads for an after dinner snack 

* get sugar free sorbet instead of ice-cream 

* choose Tequila or Organic Red Wine over other alcoholic beverages  

* use plain nut butters  


Have a date with every meal 

Dates help your body digest fats, oil and protein as well as giving your brain and nervous system great glucose.  

Don't start tomorrow, start today!  

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