The truth about gluten & wheat

The truth about gluten & wheat

Inflammation is the root cause of all disease 

So in order to heal one needs to reduce inflammation. The food I'm discussing today is a massive role player in causing imbalance and inflammation. I'm talking about Gluten.  

 But why is it so bad?  

Gluten causes disruption and inflammation of the digestive tract, confuses the immune system and can trigger celiac or crohns disease. It is known to cause a heavy head leading to headaches as well as low mood and heightened anxiety. It's also a firm favourite source of food for bacteria and viruses!  

So if we are going to avoid gluten then we must include wheat products of any sort - pies, pizzas, rolls, bread, pasta, rotis, biscuits, cakes! Again check labels as Gluten must be included in the allergen list due to the disruption it causes the body including the liver.  

 Rather opt for kinder ingredients such as sourdough, 100% rye bread, rice flour, oat flour, coconut flour almond flour. Your digestive system will be far happier which will aid in bringing balance to the body.  

 *Don't forget* 

If you want to lose weight, limit the grains to 3-4 servings a week  

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