The truth about fats & oils

The truth about fats & oils

To navigate all the oils that are on offer - you need to look for 2 words: 

 * Unrefined 

* Cold-Pressed 

 If this does not appear on the bottle of oil then you can bet your bottom dollar it's highly refined and toxic for your body as they have been bleached and often 'deodorised' (ie scented)  

 The oils that I tend to use are, in order of preference: 

 - Avocado Oil  

- Nut Oils eg. Macadamia, Almond, Peanut 

- Seed Oil eg. Flaxseed, Hemp Seed  

- Olive Oil  

 These can be used to drizzle over your food or sprinkle before roasting / baking. Frying should be avoided however avocado oil and peanut oil do maintain higher temperature better.  

I am not a fan of coconut oil as it can present a problem for your liver to digest due to its consistency so I would avoid it while you are trying to bring your body into a more balanced state.  

Please remember that when consuming oils you need to increase your glucose intake as this assists the body with correct digestion and breakdown of the oils and fats, so make sure to include that wonderful date with every meal. 

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