The truth about dairy

The truth about dairy

Another huge stumbling block to weight loss is Dairy

I'm talking about your milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter...

But let's take a quick step back and look at the most important organ in your body - your liver.

Your liver is the hardest working organ, that's why it's the only one that can regenerate itself!

Your liver controls over 2500 chemical functions within your body from balancing out your sugars, to regulating your blood pressure, it provides your body with all the relevant hormones, it helps reduce your stress response - it is the organ responsible for your aging and weight loss, so it's important to understand how this organ works.

Between 3am and midday - this organ is focused on balancing your internal chemicals. From midday to when you go to sleep it's aiding in digestion. Foods that impede this process are fats, oils and protein.

Your liver cannot give its best if its trying to digest fats oils and protein ALL DAY LONG, so going forward please only bring in fats, oils and protein when your liver is in the digesting mode ie. after 12h00

Getting back to dairy -

Dairy sugars (lactose) and dairy fat are incredibly difficult for the liver to digest and therefore slow down the liver, making it incredibly sluggish (LOW METABOLISM!)

Dairy is one of the leading foods behind high cholesterol

Dairy fat feeds viral behaviour.

The processing of dairy (incl hormones and antibiotics) is highly toxic to our system, so rather opt for better alternatives such as oat milk or rice milk.

Goats milk and almond milk are great but please only bring in these after 12h00 as they do contain a substantial amount of fat.

Again read labels - you will be surprised as to where dairy is being used as a fat in many processed products.

Don't forget to include dates whenever you eat!

Dates provide the body with essential glucose that aid the liver in the processing of fats, oils and protein. 


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