Stress Eating

Stress Eating

What's driving the eating? Stress! So does it make sense that this becomes more a topic on stress management?  

 Our body understands quick bursts of predatorial stress - but it doesn't understand prolonged stress. We are not designed to be hunted by a tiger 24/7 - in the car, on the road, at work, at home - financial, emotional, physical stress will all impact the body in a negative way!  

 When I was at my heaviest of 92kg I was also the most stressed! I had just finished my degree in 3yrs, while working full time, my youngest daughter was in Matric, my eldest daughter was getting married and moving overseas, plus we were buying a house! My cortisol levels went sky high and the visceral fat piled on. I had to hit a reset button!  

 And that's what you need to do if you want to get stress eating under control.  

 So how do we do that -  

 Firstly identify where your stress is. If it's at work, recognise it! If it's at home, make a note of that. It's easier to navigate around triggers when you know where they are  

 Secondly start your day right! Remember the meditation I've been encouraging - it really does set the tone for the day and you will find that the stress won't affect you much  

 Thirdly - segment your day. Don't look ahead at the entire day. Break it up into segments and only concentrate on that  

 Lastly try to live in the moment. It's impossible to feel stressed if you are only focused on the here and now.  

 When stress and cortisol is high your body will need much care. Try follow the below tips when it comes to diet and lifestyle -  

 * Intermittent fasting: ie only eating a solid meal from 12h00. Have the smoothie in the morning  

 * Get juicing: when you are stressed your digestive system takes effort to operate properly so give it a break without removing the nutrients by juicing  

 * Eat snacks like celery sticks and dates. These support the adrenal glands and calm them down  

 * Get your vitamin D levels checked: Vitamin D helps reduce cortisol (cortisol builds the dreaded belly fat)  

 * Include a Vitamin B Complex to help your energy levels and reduce fatigue  

 * Have an epsom salt bath once a week to reduce stress built up in the nervous system and muscles  

 * Ditch the cardio: Elevated cortisol levels will increase with cardio 

Rather turn to practices that focus on strength and training like pilates or yoga  

 * Breathe: Our breath is life and steady, slow, deep breathing helps the body regulate the stress response  

 And most importantly - ENJOY LIFE! You have been gifted with beautiful existence, don't waste your days on things that don't truly matter.

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