Let's talk about Snacks Baby!

Let's talk about Snacks Baby!

It's movie night and you want something delicious to snack on - Popcorn and the usual chocolates are no longer an option! But that doesn't mean you have to go without - here are my fave snickety-snacks - 

 1. Dates and sugar-free dark chocolate

This combo is divine! Smother the dates with melted chocolate or just alternate bites of each... Add in a handful of nuts or sugar-free peanut butter and it's a win!  

 2. Roasted Chickpeas 

I make these in the air fryer with salt, garlic powder, paprika and onion powder - mixed with chocolate nibs it's a great sweet and salty idea!  


 3. Sourdough pizza base with various toppings

You can drizzle with extra olive oil and garlic for a foccacia base, or add some avo and tomato!  

 4. Fruit is phenomenal! 

I love snacking on fruit skewers or fruit salad! Cut up apple or banana and eat them with a drizzle of: 

 * Date Syrup 

 * Nut Butter or Tahini are delish!  

 5. Dried Fruit 

Just make sure it's only dried fruit and no added sulphur or sugar! 

 6. Fruit Roll Ups

These are tasty and delicious - and so easy to make!  


 *Just because you are eating clean doesn't mean that you can't eat things that make you smile! It just means that you need to prep a little bit and source good food* 

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