Lemon Water

Lemon Water

Lemon water is a wonderful gift to your body - it helps to: 

 * alkaline the body 

* cleanse the liver, kidneys, spleen, thyroid and gallbladder  

* bring in wonderful hydration and electrolytes  

* provide great mineral salts 

* give the body absorbable vitamin c 

* expel excess mucous  

 What else do you drink during the day to support your body?  

I love water, the more I drink, the more I crave! The best way to drink water is either room temperature or warmer. I usually drink 5-6 cups of hot water every day (especially before eating as it helps increase the temperature of your digestive system, which needs to be around 110 degrees to effectively digest)  

 If you feel your energy is low - drink a glass of water! It's usually just what the body is needing 💦 

 Some other great ideas for re-hydration: 

 - Herbal teas (make up a jug with around 4 teabags, add ice and a dash of honey, leave overnight in the fridge and drink as a juice the next day)  

- Sparkling water with a small amount of fruit juice added is great 

- Water infused with slices of cucumber or apple is so refreshing  

- Sweet ginger tea (ginger root with a tsp of honey) is great to have after dinner  

 Please toss the fruit juice concentrates (go for the cold pressed ones - Spar Brand), avoid the toxic sodas and only have 1 cup of black coffee a day (more will exhaust your adrenals and increase the cortisol)  


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