Proteins and fats are important building blocks for the body, however if your body is starved of glucose you cannot effectively use the protein or fat that you have been consuming. Think of glucose as the vehicle that drives the protein and fat through your metabolism!  

 Glucose also provides many other benefits such as: 

- Protects the nervous system 

- Stops the brain from shrinking 

- Builds muscles  

- Protects the heart 

- Is vital for liver function 

- Protects the adrenals 

- Helps you cope with stress 

- Is critical for healing  

- Feeds every cell in the body 

 That's why it's so important to bring glucose into your diet every day!  

 The best places to find glucose are in the following foods: 

 - Fruit <namely dates, raisins, apricots, currants, cranberries, prunes and figs> * 

- Raw Honey 

- Potatoes and sweet potatoes 

- Winter squash 

- Coconut water  


 > ensure that you have 1 date every time you eat - especially if it contains fats, oils or protein  

> avoid fats, oils and proteins in the morning - only bring into the diet from midday  

> include potatoes, sweet potatoes or squash with your dinner  

 * Please note if buying dried fruit avoid those coated in sugar or preserved in sulphur dioxide. 

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