Feed your soul. What are you doing about it?

Feed your soul. What are you doing about it?

What are you doing to feed your soul ✨ 

l/We speak a lot about food and it's effects on your body, but what about thoughts and emotions? These can also impact the body in a very negative way!  

Are you spending your days filled with positive thoughts or are negative thoughts influencing your behaviour?  

 If you look at the word "Emotion" - in quantum physics it means 'Energy in Motion', so when your thoughts are negative they effectively become like a stream of negative energy that flows into your nervous system causing imbalance.  

 Think of the days that you slept through your alarm and started off your day in chaos - didn't chaos then follow you?  

 So it's important to guard your thoughts every day 🌷  

 - start every morning with a meditation as this will set the tone of your day 

- do mindful tasks throughout the day like sitting in the garden, playing with your pets, dancing to music - just be in the moment  

- find a creative outlet  

- when stress or negativity get you down - detach from the situation, go outside and breath!  

Once you start making a concerted effort to be aware of your thoughts you will find it easier and easier to reframe them. Don't concentrate on trying to change the negative emotion though, instead increase a positive emotion!  

Focus on something that brings you joy currently in your life, and by doing this you will change the emotion into something positive and uplifting! 


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