What is cholesterol?  

 HDL (High density lipoprotein), our good cholesterol - absorbs bad cholesterol, transports it to the liver which then flushes it out.  

 LDL (Low density lipoprotein), the bad cholesterol - makes up most of your cholesterol, high LDL cholesterol increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.  

 As you can see, your liver is constantly looking out for you and takes the most abuse from our lifestyle choices. If this organ becomes burdened by good and bad fats it can't assist with the production of good cholesterol (HDL) nor manage the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL).  

 When we choose foods with good cholesterol (such as: olive oil, beans, fatty fish like salmon, flaxseed, nuts, chia, avocado, and high fibre fruit - apple, prunes, pears) the liver stores this to assist in breaking up high-fat foods that cause an increase in bad cholesterol. But an overabundance of bad fats, or the inability of the liver to flush them, starts to build up within the liver. Overtime there will come a point when the liver can't build good cholesterol, or hold onto the bad, and therefore an excess will be released into the bloodstream that will eventually end up lining the heart and arteries, causing the problems associated with high cholesterol.  

 I am of the opinion that a healthy diet is one that contains good, low fat plant based options to assist in the managing the above.  

 Here's a great link detailing the difference between good and bad fats: 

 If you are suffering with high cholesterol drink celery juice! It gets into the root of the problem, heading into the liver to flush, cleanse and purify. It also improves bile production which helps to break down fats. It's the most powerful statin!  

Dates are also terrific at providing good soluble fibre to lower LDL cholesterol preventing it being absorbed by the bloodstream keeping fatty deposits down.  


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