All about Protein

All about Protein

All about protein! 

According to popular belief, protein seems to be a very important staple in our diet. 

 However recent findings may suggest that although a lot of emphasis is placed on protein in our food, not enough emphasis is placed on how our cells metabolise such protein to actually be used in the body...  

 So what does protein actually do?  

It builds and repairs tissue, promotes energy, creates hormones, and helps your immune system - to name a few benefits. It's one of the building blocks of who you are. 

 * Did you know that protein is not stored, if our body doesn't use it that day, it's eliminated! 

 * Further to this, did you know that it's the liver that produces the correct protein required for a particular organ? 

 * And lastly, did you know that protein is also found in fruits, leafy greens and vegetables? Spinach, brocolli, asparagus, brussel sprouts, potatoes, tomatoes and bananas are great sources of protein!  

 Now something that inhibits protein digestion is sugar and fat - but what assists with protein digestion is GLUCOSE! 

 So if you want to build stronger muscle, repair tissue, balance hormones and have beautiful hair and nails make sure that you eliminate sugar and fat but increase your intake of glucose - honey, dates and critical carbohydrates (potatoes, butternut pumpkin, squash) must be eaten on a daily basis to ensure correct metabolism of the proteins you eat! 

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