All about exercise

All about exercise

The first thing that springs to mind when thinking health and weight loss is usually the topic of exercise - getting fitter, getting leaner.  

 Straight after Christmas gym memberships are renewed and you start getting into spinning, running - anything cardio because that's the best thing to do right?  



 Exercise is perceived by the body as a form of stress and will stimulate the release of cortisol, so when your body is overweight, tired, stressed - the last thing your body needs is to be put into a rigorous routine... And then we don't see progress on the scale and within 3 weeks we are back on the couch and despondent. I know, I've been there! I remember getting to gym, standing on the treadmill and just wanted to cry!  

 So what did I do?  

 I started slowly - for the first few months of my weight loss journey I didn't exercise at all. I focused on eating clean and got into the swing of eating correctly. Slowly my cortisol levels began to decrease and I started to feel lighter - then something inside woke up. Suddenly I was more interested than I had ever been to find a way to move...  

 I started with a yoga beginners class, once a week, and slowly began to feel stronger. 

 It took time though...  

 1yr into starting yoga (I kept going to the beginners class) but also joined the intermediate/advanced class - I loved it! I was getting hooked...  

 Then a dear friend of mine invited me to join her dancing class - it was great! Now I was exercising 3 x a week but it didn't feel like exercise - it felt like fun!  

 Slowly the more weight I lost, the lighter I felt, and the more driven I became. I now wanted to tone so I stopped the beginner yoga class and replaced it with pilates. Now I felt like I was getting an all over work out - but again it didn't feel like work - I was having a lovely time... No tears!  

 So my advice to you is listen to your body, and listen to your soul. It's VERY important to move however do it with an exercise that excites you! Find something that awakens your heart and soul - find your fun!  

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